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Global Program
Yonsei-CMC Summer Leadership Program
Residential program launched in 2011
  • Duration: 5~6 weeks (late June- late July/early August)
  • Location: Korea & Hong Kong or Singapore
  • Components: Lectures, company visits, projects
  • Course load: 6 credits
  • Participants: 10 Yonsei & 10 CMC students
Overview of the Program
  • Designed for Yonsei and CMC students who are interested in understanding the challenges and opportunities for the Asian economic powers and the US.
  • An interdisciplinary program for future leaders in business emphasizing a liberal arts perspective for understanding the historical, cultural, and social contexts of the most pressing world affairs, with a focus on East Asia.
  • Students will gain an understanding of the relevant theories and concepts from CMC and Yonsei faculty members, and a real world perspective from leaders in public, private, and social sectors through curricular and experiential learning.

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