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Master’s and Ph.D Programs

Fostering World Class Scholars
YSB offers the most competitive Master’s and Ph.D programs in Korea. These programs have not only established YSB as a leader in research activities in Korea, but have also developed its expertise in finding jobs for the graduates of these programs. Embedded in a vibrant intellectual community, these programs are dedicated to recruiting and training top-caliber students who plan to pursue academic careers in teaching and research or professional business careers. Students in these programs enjoy the finest and most advanced curriculum in Korea, including opportunities to study and research abroad at other elite universities with which YSB has partnerships. Incentives are also provided for academic activities such as presentations at international conferences or publication of articles in respected academic journals. All students in the Ph.D program receive financial support in the form of assistantships and/or scholarships.

Most courses of MS.PhD programs are taught in Korean

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