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The undergraduate program at YSB allows students to explore a range of academic options and at the same time, provides fundamental business skills and knowledge. The YSB undergraduate curriculum requires 126 credit hours of course work incorporating the GBED’s required basic and requisite courses, YSB basic courses, YSB requisite courses, YSB elective courses, and other elective courses. YSB courses and other electives are meant to offer students the fundamental business skills and knowledge.

International students who initially admitted in 2019 and thereafter are affiliated in Global Basic Education Division(GBED) under the Global Leaders College(GLC) for freshman year. They will be affiliated in business administration from sophomore and begin to study YSB major curriculum.

Global Basic Education Division(GBED) Requirement (27 credits)
TypeTotal Credit RequirementCourses (course credit)
Basic Education 11 Credits
  • Chapel (2)
  • GLC English I (3) + GLC English II (3)
  • Understanding Christianity (3)
General Education 15 Credits

•  GLC General Education (9)

•  Local and Global Communities                                                              (Requisite course : Fundamentals of Ecomonics) (3)

•  Logic and Quantitative Reasoning                                                (Requisite course : Introduction to Statistics) (3)

Residential College Requisite 1 Credit
  • Yonsei RC101 Course
YSB Undergraduate Program Requirement (48 credits)
Basic 18 Credits
  • Organizational Behavior (3)
  • Principles of Accounting (3)
  • Financial Management (3)
  • Production and Operations Management (3)
  • Marketing (3)
  • Management Science (3)
Requisite 9 Credits
  • Management Accounting (3)
  • Management Information Systems (3)
  • Strategic Management (3)
Core Electives 21 Credits
  • Minimum of 7 business courses among those offered by YSB
Electives (51 credits)
Other Electives 51 Credits
  • About 17 courses (Students may freely choose the courses offered by YSB and Yonsei University.)

A total of 45 credits must be taken from among upper level (Year 3 or 4) courses from Business Administration or other majors.

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