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A Global Hub of Entrepreneurship Knowledge Platform of the 21st Century

In 2015, Yonsei School of Business, in designing the next 100 years, embarked on an ambitious goal in developing a global hub of Innovation and Start-up Knowledge Platform of the 21st century with funding support by AMOREPACIFIC Corporation. In this direction, the YVIP (Yonsei Venture, Innovation and Startup Program) was launched in 2017 and it aims to promote students’ entrepreneurship-related curricular and extracurricular activities, encourage faculty’s research on a start-up ecosystem, and build strong networking with start-up entrepreneurs, venture capitals, and relevant government agencies.

Consequently the YVIP aims to become the leading institute for both education and research to cultivate entrepreneurship with a special focus on the influence of innovation across all fields of business management. 


Since 2015, the YSB has been continuously developing entrepreneurship and innovation related courses to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in its students. Yonsei School of Business (YSB) is the first Business School in Korea to establish and operate new concentration course in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. By providing practical education in and out of classrooms for nourishing entrepreneurship, YSB aims to cultivate innovative business leadership for students who are passionate about tackling challenges to start their new business.

YVIP supports and incubates startups, as a stepping stone for future entrepreneurs raise the business mindset, by providing both network and the space to go beyond school and to take the lead toward the world of new business. The YVIP holds the YSB Startup Competition that serves as a gateway for entrepreneurship challenge, and offers Startup Internship Programs to provide students with entrepreneurial practical work experience. These programs are designed to let students experience the world of startup and enhance their entrepreneurship. A few Startup teams take the incubation spaces laid on the second floor of Business Building and are encouraged to constantly develop their new business.

The YVIP supports industry-academic cooperation in many areas. The YSB invites many practitioners every year to lectures, YVIP Colloquiums, YVIP Global CEO Talks, and YVIP Global Conference. YSB holds these programs as extracurricular activities and aims to provide global research networks with global entrepreneurship researchers and global business leaders. Scholars from around the world are invited to talk about global entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem, which lead students to have new insights and to have their global networking opportunities. To support YVIP networking, twenty two experts in areas such as Venture Capital Ecosystem, Digital Economy, the 4th Industrial Revolution are appointed as YVIP advisors and mentors to provide all the efforts from practical advice to front-end mentoring.

In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the YVIP is prepared to lead the direction for future business research. To this end, the YVIP selected four major themes for research: Entre- & Intrapreneurship, Ventures and Startups, Creativity and Innovation, and the 4th Industrial Revolution and Technological Innovation. The YVIP aims at creating a knowledge platform that can contribute to the global startup ecosystem, and plans to reinforce the core competencies of YSB’s research through ‘Entrepreneurship Research Support Project’. One of the most important supports for entrepreneurship research is the database construction to become a global hub of knowledge platform. The YVIP supports this by subscribing to the entrepreneurship database to let students and faculty explore information about startup innovation in the global market.

YVIP Platform http://yvip.yonsei.ac.kr
YVIP Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yvip.ysb
YONSEI Enterprise Support Foundation http://venture.yonsei.ac.kr

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