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YSB's uniquely innovative Creative Leadership Curriculum consists of six programs designed to instill the school's three core values: creativity, global perspective, and integrity. In addition to in-class activities and exercises, numerous programs are provided to enhance students' understanding of global business as well as to sharpen their insight about their social responsibilities. Students can encounter these programs only at YSB.

uGET(undergraduate Global Experience Team-project)

The undergraduate Global Experience Tea£í-project(uGET) is a project-based fieldwork program through which selected groups of students receive sponsorships from a number of companies, carry out assigned projects overseas, and upon their return submit reports to YSB and make presentations before their corporate sponsors. Sponsoring companies get the advantage of the students’ creativity and the students receive academic credit for the program.
The four modules of uGET are:

  • uGET-L (Large Company)
  • uGET-G (Global Company)
  • uGET-E (Entrepreneurial Company)
  • uGET-S (Social Enterprise)

Alumni Mentoring

A fully supportive alumni association is one of YSB’s strengths. First-year students receive support, with each new student being assigned an alumnus who will be his or her mentor until the student’s graduation. This can be the beginning of a lifelong relationship that is beneficial to everyone involved.

YSB Leaders Forum

Renowned leaders in various fields give lectures and conduct seminars for students, who benefit from the speaker’s firsthand knowledge of the complexities of operating major enterprises on the world stage. These forums help the students to gain insight on creative leadership in each of the fields covered through these events.

Creative Leadership Forum

YSB frequently presents special lectures and holds discussions with business leaders who are considered to have demonstrated creative leadership in specific fields such as investment banking, management consulting, public service, accounting, media and entrepreneurship among others.

Yonsei Consulting Projects

Students acquire management knowledge in YCP classes and apply it various business situations in the local community. In other words, the YCP projects enable the participating students to contribute to the local community.
Specifically, the school seeks to cultivate students' social responsibilities through Yonsei Community Consulting Project (YCCP) and Yonsei Microfinance Consulting Project (YMCP).

Yonsei READ

Yonsei READ (Read to Explore Author’s in-Depth story) is a program conducted in collaboration with the Kyobo Book Center to improve the creativity of students.
The Yonsei READ program consists of reading workshops, seminars, and lectures by the authors, and aims to promote students' knowledge and understanding in humanities by encouraging them to read books of diverse topics. Recently, knowledge in humanities has been highlighted as an essential element leading to creativity in the field of management. Such social trends have been incorporated into the program.

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