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  • Roh, Hyuntak
  • Division   Management
    Ph.D. University of Illinois
  • Lab   Business Hall #636
  • Contact   02-2123-6577
  • Email   hroh@yonsei.ac.kr


Ph.D. University of Illinois 
M.A. University of Illinois
B.A. Yonsei University 


Professor, Yonsei University (2010 - present) 
Researcher, Samsung Economic Research Institute (Samsung Global Research)  
Consultant, Towers Perrin (Wilis Towers Watson)  


Human resource management, Motivation & empowerment 
Diversity & inclusion, Innovation
Organizational change


Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Work group effectiveness 
Strategic human resource management 


Selected publications: 

Roh & Sung (2024). The business case for workforce racial diversity: Options and project-based human resource management in large I.S. law firms. Group and Organization Management. 

Roh, Chun, Ryou, & Son (2019). Opening the black box: A meta-analytic examination of the effects of top management team diversity on emergent team processes and multilevel contextual influence. Group and Organization Management. 

Roh & Kim (2016). The business case for gender diversity: Examining the role of human resource management investments. Human Resource Management.

Joshi, Son, & Roh (2015). When can women close the gap? A meta-analytic test of sex differences in performance and rewards. Academy of Management Journal.

Joshi & Roh (2013). Understanding how context shapes team diversity outcomes. In Q. Roberson (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work.

Richard, Roh, & Pieper (2013). The link between diversity and equality management practice bundles and racial diversity in the managerial ranks: Does firm size matter? Human Resource Management.

Kwon, Chung, Roh, Chadwick, & Lawler (2012). The moderating effects of organizational context in the relationship between voluntary turnover and firm performance. Human Resource Management.

Joshi, Liao, & Roh (2011). Bridging domains in workplace demography research: A review and reconceptualization. Journal of Management.

Joshi & Roh (2009). The role of context in work team diversity research: A meta-analytic review. Academy of Management Journal.

Joshi & Roh (2008). A contextual reexamination of work team diversity research: Review and future agenda. In E. Mannix & M. Neale (Eds), Research on Managing Groups and Teams.

Joshi & Roh (2007). Context matters: Multilevel considerations in diversity research. In J. Martocchio (Ed.), Research in Personnel and Human Resource Management.


Award for Teaching Excellence. School of Business, Yonsei University (2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022). 

Award for Research Excellence. School of Business, Yonsei University (2019)

Chohun Research Award. School of Business/Economics Alumni Association, Yonsei University (2018)  

International Research Award. Korean Academy of Management (2017). 

Saroj Parasuraman Award for the Outstanding Publication in Gender and Diversity. Academy of Management (2010).

Dorothy Harlow Distinguished Paper Award, Academy of Management (2008).


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