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  • Bae, Sung Joo
  • Division   Operations Management (OM)
    Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Lab   Business Hall #613
  • Contact   02-2123-6578
  • Email   sjbae@yonsei.ac.kr
  • Homepage   


Ph.D. in Management, MIT Sloan School of Management, 2009 
         (Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group)
M.S. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2004 
B.B.A. Yonsei University, 2000 


Faculty Director, Management of Technology Program, Yonsei University
Associate Director, Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation
Associate Dean, Sangnam Institute of Management

Vice Editor-in-Chief, Yonsei Business Review
Faculty Director, Hanwha Group Innovative Leader Program
Advisory Faculty, Google Policy Adviserory Group
Advisory Faculty, SK Future Leadership Program
Advisory Faculty, Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI)
Director, Corporate MBA Program, POSCO Executive Program
Visiting Associate Professor, School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS)
Assistant Professor, School of Business, The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
External Board Member, Company 100, Inc. and Korea Logistics and Storage Company
Consultant, Lead User Innovation Project with Grundfos, MIT
Director (Cofounder), Consulting & Learning Services, Knowledge Cube, Inc.
IT Specialist, Global Services, IBM Korea
GSRA, Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work(CREW), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Management of Technology
Product & Service Innovation
Production & Operations Management
Technology-oriented Organization
Technology Strategy


Technological innovation
New product & service development process
Technology-based entrepreneurship
User and market-oriented innovation
Product design and user interface design


"The role of government in fostering collaborative R&D projects: Empirical evidence from South Korea," (with H. Lee), Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2020

"The Impact of R&D Workforce Diversity on Firm’s Performance in Internal and External R&D," (with S. Han), European Journal of Innovation Management, 2019

 "Shared Experience in Pretrip and Experience Sharing in Posttrip: The Survey of Airbnb Users," (with H. Lee, E. Suh, and K. Suh), Information & Management, 2017

 "Different Routes to Metacognitive Judgments: The Role of Accuracy Motivation," (with S. Park) Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24(3), July, 2014

 “Internalization of R&D Outsourcing: An Empirical Study,” (with S. Han) International Journal of Production Economics, 150, April2014

 "Government roles in evaluation and arrangement of R&D consortia," (with J. Kim and J. Yang), Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 88, 2014

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 "The Effects of Cash, Electronic, and Paper Gift Certificates as Respondent Incentives for a Web-Based Survey of a Technologically Sophisticated Sample," (with Birnholtz, J., Horn, D., and Finholt, T.), Social Science Computer Review. 22(3), 2004

 “Manifestation of Language Transfer Problem During the New Product Development Process,” (with M. Park), Yonsei Business Review, 2019

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 Patent Strategy Based on Performance Feedback: An Exploratory Case Study of Samsung Electronics," (with H. Lee), Yonsei Business Research, 2018

 "How do Online Product-Related Electronic Network of Interest Grow?: The Role of Content, Communication Activity, and Structure,” (with M. Rhee and M. Park), Yonsei Business Research, 2018

 "The Effect of Repeated and Spaced Exposures of Internet Display Advertising,” (with J. Lee, D. Briley, J. Oh, and S. Park), Korean Academy of Marketing, 2018

 "Institutional Improvement Plan through the Economic Utility Analysis of Technology Trust,” (with I. Cho and J. Suh), Korean Academy of Industrial Intellectual Property Law, 2016

 "An Analysis of Relationship between Technology/Non-Technology Innovation and Performance Improvement,” (with H. Kim and S. Han), Industrial Economics Research, 2016

 "New Product Development with Facebook Fans: Idea Contest Experiment,” (with A. Oda and S. Park), Yonsei Business Review, 2016

 "Analysis on the Diffusion and the Intention to Use among Technology Adopter Categories," (with E. Ma, S. Park, S. Han, & H. Han), Journal of the Korea Society of IT services, 2014

 "How does Product Innovation Enhance Firm Performance?: The Moderating Role of Process Innovation, Organizational Innovation and Marketing Innovation,” (with S. Oh and S. Han),  Journal of Korea Technology Innovation Society, 2013

 "Categorization of R&D Collaboration Based on Problem-Solving Perspective and its Implication,” (with Y. Ko) Korean Journal of Production and Operations Management, 24(2), 2013

 "Creativity in Groups Based on Problem-Solving Perspective: An Empirical Study,” (with K. Lee and S. Park) East and West Studies, 25(2), 2013

 "The Effect of Self-Presentation on SNS to Interpersonal Relation and Intention to Use,” (with E. Ma and S. Han) Knowledge Management Research, 14(2), 2013

 "Problem-Solving Process with the Users: An Exploratory Case Study in the Early-Stage Game Company,” (with A. Oda and S. Park), Yonsei Business Review. 50(1), 2013



Evaluation Committee Member, Evaluation of R&D Institutions, Ministry of Science and ICT
Editorial Board Member, Technology & Management, Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA)
Review Committee Member, The Korean Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), 2013
Session Chair, The Korean Society of Innovation Management and Economics Meeting, 2013
Academic Director, The Knowledge Management Society of Korea, 2012~
Academic Director, Korean Logistics Society, 2012~ Chair, IT/SNS Committee, The Korean Production and Operations Management Society (KOPOMS), 2012
Academic Director, The Korean Production and Operations Management Society (KOPOMS), 2012~

POSRI Business & Economics Research; Asia Pacific Journal of Management (APJM); Decision Support Systems (DSS);Communications of the Association for Information Systems; International Conference on Information Systems; Session Chair & Discussant (OMT & TIM Division), Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Anaheim, CA, 2008; Reviewer (TIM, OMT, & BPS Division), Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Anaheim, CA, 2008; Session Chair, World Conference on Mass Customization & Personalization, Cambridge, MA, 2007; Reviewer, the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2006; Seminar Organizer, MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar, 2007-2008


Best Paper Award, Yonsei Business Review, 2019
Best Paper Award, R&D Inside and Insight Best Paper Awards, Korea Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP), 2013
MIT Fellowship, MIT, 2007 - 2008
Sarofim Fellowship, MIT, 2004 - 2006
Graduate Student Research Assistantship, University of Michigan 2002-2004
University Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Yonsei University, 1993
University Scholarship for Excellent Voluntary Work, Yonsei University, 1994-1996


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