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  • Jooyoung Kwak
  • Division   International Business
    Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Lab   Business Hall #518
  • Contact   02-2123-6259
  • Email   jooyoung.kwak@yonsei.ac.kr


2008 Ph.D. in Technology Economics and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A
2004-2008 Doctoral Course in Strategic Management, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, China
2001 Master of Economics in Area Studies, Seoul National University, Korea
1998 Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature, Seoul National University, Korea (Graduation with Dean's Honor)


Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University
                 Departmental Head, Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Program of Chinese Studies, Yonsei University
                 Departmental Head, Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Program of Foreign Affairs and International Commerce, Yonsei University       
                 Vice Director, Institute of Language Research and Education, Yonsei University
                 Departmental Head, Global Leaders College, Yonsei University         
                 Director, Center for Sustainable Development, Institute for Global Engagement and Empowerment, Yonsei University

Expert Group, Korea Institute of International Economic Policy
Visiting Scholar, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Local Consultant, World Bank
Member, Advisory Committee to Minister of Trade, Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Energy (MITE), 2018-now
Performance Reviewer, Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Energy (MITE), 2018-now
Member, Presidential Committee for Policy and Planning (for Moon Jae-in), 2020-2022.5
Member, Dispute Settlement Committee, Korea Trade Insurance Corporation, 2021-now
Member, ESG Advisory Committee, LG Corp., 2021-now
Columnist, Korea Economic Daily, 2021-now
Member, Industrial Data Committee, Korea Productivity Center, 2022-now
Member, Advisory Committee, Incheon Port Authority, 2021-2022


Managing in China, Managing in Emerging Markets, International Business Strategy, Global Business Environment.


International Commerce(Non-Tariff Barrier, Digital Trade), Business-Government Relation, Non-Market Strategy, Managing in China and the Greater Chinese Region. SDG Goal 17.


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[학진등재지, *교신저자]

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Jooyoung Kwak, Eungkyoon Lee, and Steven Kyum Kim (2018). “Goal 17. Partnership for the Goals,” 『Sustainable Development Goals in the Republic of Korea』, Tae Yong Jung and Jung Hee Hyun (eds.), Routledge.


Redesign Our Future: The UN SDGs 5 Years and the Next 10 Years. 2020.4-8. Ban Ki-moon Foundation for a Better Future. Co-Author.

Vietnam’s Green Growth Strategy 2030. 2015.8. World Bank. Consultant.


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