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  • Park, Kyung Min
  • Division   Management
    Ph.D. INSEAD
  • Lab   Business Hall #520
  • Contact   02-2123-5488
  • Email   kminpark@yonsei.ac.kr
  • Homepage   


2005 Ph.D. in Management, Strategy, INSEAD
1991 Master in Management Science, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
1989 B.B.A., Seoul National University


Director, Yonsei Business Research Institute, Mar 2023 ~ Feb 2025
Associate Dean, School of Business, Yonsei University, Mar 2021- Feb 2023
Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University, 2015-current
Editor, Mobility Research, 2021-2023
Associate Dean, Sangnam Institute of Management, 2016-2018

Editor, Yonsei Business Review (KSSCI), 2015-2017
Associate Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University, 2009-2015
Director, Technology Management Center, Yonsei University, 2012-2013
Assistant Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University, 2006-2009
Assistant Professor, Hallym University, 2005-2006 LG Economic Research Institute, 1996-1997
Korea Resources Corporation, 1991-1994


Strategic Management
Corporate Growth & Innovation Strategy
Blue Ocean Strategy
Strategic Analysis and Empirical Research
Content Analysis and Management Research


Behavioral Theory of the Firm - performance feedback, reference group, aspiration level
Strategic Change, Organizational Learning and Imitation
Diversification including M&A and Alliance
Strategic Positioning, Innovation, Blue Ocean Strategy
Internet Portals, Social Media Strategy, Automobile Industry


 Lee, J., Rhee, M., & Park, K. M. (2020). "Looking Backward through the Looking Glass: Reference Groups and Social ComparisonJournal of Management and Organization, 26(1), 110-131. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/jmo.2018.58.

Song, C., Park, K. M., & Kim, Y. (2020). "Socio-cultural factors explaining technology-based entrepreneurial activity: Direct and indirect role of social security," Technology in Society, Vol. 61, 101246.

K.M. Park, J. Y. Lee, & S. Park, 2018, "Situational Value Innovation Strategy: The Case of the Coffee Drinking Market in South Korea," Journal of Strategic Management, 21(3), pp. 29-43. 

S.H. Lee, H.J. Mun, & K.M. Park, 2015, "When is Dependence on Other Organizations Burdensome? The Effect of Asymmetric Dependence on Internet Firm Failure," Strategic Management Journal, 36: 2058-2074.

L. Zhang & K.M. Park, 2014, "What are Good R&D Investment Strategies for Leaders and Followers?" Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 26(8): 909-925.

K.M. Park, K. Jung, & K.C. Noh, 2014,"Strategic Action and Customer Mobility: Antecedents and Consequences of Strategic Actions in the Korean Mobile Telecommunication Service Industry," Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 31: 171-193. 

Park, K. M. 2007. "Antecedents of Convergence and Divergence in Strategic Positioning: The Effects of Performance and Aspiration on the Direction of Strategic Change." Organization Science, 18(3): 386-402. 

J.J. Reuer, K.M. Park, & M. Zollo. 2002. Experiential Learning in International Joint Ventures: The Roles of Experience Heterogeneity and Venture Novelty. In Contractor, F. J., & Lorange, P. (Eds.), Cooperative Strategies and Alliances, pp. 321-344. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elsevier. 


Outstanding Research Award, The Alumni Association of the College of Business and Economics of Yonsei University, 2007.
Yonsei University Award for Best Teacher in 2011
Yonsei University School of Business Award for Best Teacher in 2018


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