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  • Yang, Hyuck Seung
    Associate Professor
  • Division   Management
    Ph.D. University of Minnesota
  • Lab   Business Hall #650
  • Contact   02-2123-2496
  • Email   hyang@yonsei.ac.kr


1998 Ph.D. University of Minnesota
1989 M.A. Kyung Hee University, Business Administration
1987 B.A. Seoul National University, Social Welfare


Assistant and Associate Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University, 2000-present
Assistant Professor,University of South Carolina, 1998-2000
Researcher,Citizen's Coalition for Economic Justice (CCEJ), 1989-1992


Human Resource Management
Business Statistics


The Effects of HRM Systems on Firm Performance (specifically the effects of the HRM system on firm performance, and the interaction effects between individual HRM practice and HRM system on firm performance)


Klaas, B. S., Yang, H., Gainey, T., McClendon, J. 2005. HR in the small business enterprise: Assessing the impact of PEO utilization. Human Resource Management, 44 (4): 433-448.

Klaas, B. S., Gainey, T., McClendon, J., Yang, H. 2005. Professional employer organizations and their impact on client satisfaction with HR outcomes: A field study of HR outsourcing in small and medium enterprises. Journal of Management. 31 (2): 234-254.

Yang, H., Sackett, P. R., & Nho, Y. 2004. Developing a procedure to correct for range restriction which involves both institutional selection and applicant’s rejection of job offers. Organizational Research Methods. 7 (4): 442-455.

Shin, D., Yang, H., Lee, S., & Lee J. 2003. Determinants of contingent employment in Korean manufacturing industry. 2003. Korean Journal of Industrial Relations, 9 (1): 143-169.

Yang, H. 2003. A longitudinal test of two competing perspectives about the effects of HR system on firm performance. Korean Management Review, 32 (2): 597-625.

Yang, H. 2003. The effects of social contexts on performance evaluation outcomes in Korea. Korean Journal of Management, 11 (1): 113-131.

Yang, H. 2003. Exploring the factors influencing an employee’s acceptance for a newly adopted pay-for-performance system and the effects of the acceptance on motivation level: With special focus on the effects of value fit on the acceptance. Korean Journal of Management, 11 (2): 109-132.

2001.Correction for range restriction: An extended typology. Journal of Applied Psychology.

1999. Statistical power and cost in training evaluation: Some new considerations. Personnel Psychology.


Executive Director, Korean Academy of Management, 2005-present
Editorial Board Member, Korean Journal of Management, 2004-2006
Member, Faculty Senate, 2007-present


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