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Encounter with Global Startup Innovators: The YVIP Colloquium Series
Date: 2017-08-29  |  Read: 2,607

As part of its launch this semester of the YSB Venture, Innovation & Startup Program (YVIP), the business school simultaneously began a colloquium series designed to complement the program’s goal for YSB to serve as the “global hub of innovation and startup knowledge platform of the 21st century.” The series features speakers addressing specific topics and business models and practices related to innovation and entrepreneurship.


กท The 1st Colloquium : “The Google Way: Google’s Creation and Innovation Strategy”

In the first of the series, held April 24, Dr. Yeong Jae Baek spoke on “The Google Way: Google’s Creation and Innovation Strategy.” The subsequent two programs have focused on the impact and future of 3-D printing and on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the continuing impact of digital technology.


Dr. Baek said that Google recently changed its motto from “Mobile First” to “AI First,” pointing out that this reference to artificial intelligence is recognition of our rapidly changing lifestyle because of technological advances. Noting how widely used machine learning is in media, language, and medical science, he said that our challenge is not “man versus machine.”’ Rather, he said, we must focus on how we can use machines to provide solutions for medical treatment, climate change, education, etc. He also advised students in his audience that their academic background and origin matter. “I hope you will develop your differentiating factor based on your academic uniqueness,” Dr. Baek said, mentioning that his passion for anthropology served as a differentiating factor for him in the business world.

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