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  • Jiyoon Lee
    Associate Professor
  • Division   Finance
    Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Contact   02-2123-5486
  • Email   jiyoonlee@yonsei.ac.kr


1. Information Asymmetry, Mispricing and Security Issuance, solo-authored, Journal of Finance (2021)

2. Do firms draw down credit lines to support investment opportunities?, solo-authored, Journal of Empirical Finance (2022)

3. CEO Prior Uncertainty and Pay-Performance Sensitivity, solo-authored, Journal of Financial Research (2023)

4. Effects of fair value reporting of derivatives on risk management policies and firm value: Evidence from SFAS No. 133, solo-authored, Journal of Accounting, Auditing & finance (2023)

5. Higher highs and lower lows: Investors' valuation of corporate social responsibility and performance (Wonho Cho & Jiyoung Park) at Applied Economics Letters (2023)

6. Corporate governance, compensation mechanisms, and voluntary disclosure of carbon emissions (with Jiyoung Park & Jewon Shin), Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics, accepted

7. Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Firm Value, and Investor Base: Evidence from Korea (with Hope H. Han & Boxian Wang),Emerging markets review (2023)

8. How does taxation affect corporate social responsibility?: Evidence from a Korean tax reform, (with Hyejin Park & Jewon Shin), Journal of Business Ethics, accepted

9. Carbon Intensity, Default Risk, and Investors' Attention to Environment: Evidence from South Korea (with Yongjoo Kang & Dojoon Park), International Review of Economics and Finance (2023)

10. The Asset-Pricing Implications of Carbon Risk in Korea (with Dojoon Park & Hyejin Park),Journal International Financial Management & Accounting, accepted


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