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  • Kim, Jonghwan (Simon)
  • Division   Accounting
    Ph.D. University of Southern California
  • Lab   Business Hall #618
  • Contact   02-2123-5474
  • Email   jonghwan.kim@yonsei.ac.kr


2013 Ph.D., University of Southern California
2001 BBA, Yonsei University


Yonsei University, Professor, September 2023 - 
Yonsei University, Associate Professor, March 2020 - August, 2023

  • Yonsei School of Business, Associate Dean, June 2023 -
  • Yonsei Graduate School of Business, Associate Dean, March 2023 -
  • Yonsei BK21 Participating Professor, March 2023 - 
  • Yonsei Graduate School of Business, EMBA director, March 2022 - August 2023
  • ESG/Corporate Ethics Research Center, Research fellow, 2021 -

Alliance Manchester Business School, Lecturer (eq. Assistant Professor), Jan 2017 - Feb 2020 
Bocconi University, Assistant Professor, Sept 2013 - Dec 2016
Samsung Electronics, Staff / Assistant Manager, July 2003 - June 2007
Imagedrome, Management, Feb 2000 - Jan 2002


Undergraduate: Principles of Accounting (II) - management accounting
MBA: Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management Control Systems


management control system, incentives, compensation, corporate governance, corporate innovation, corporate social responsibility, disclosure


Heung-Jae Jeon, Grace Goun Kim, and Jonghwan (Simon) Kim. Forthcoming. The Effect of Conscientiousness on Managerial Learning from Stock Prices. Applied Economics. https://doi.org/10.1080/00036846.2023.2277692

Kyeongheum Ra, Grace Goun Kim, and Jonghwan (Simon) Kim. 2023. Does CEO Narcissism Drive Asymmetric Cost Behavior? Korean Journal of Management Accounting Research. DOI: 10.31507/KJMAR.2023.

Seul Gi Oh, Grace Goun Kim, and Jonghwan (Simon) Kim. 2023. Alleviating the Agency Problem: Empirical Evidence on General Counsels in Top Management and Narcissistic CEOs. Korean Journal of Management Accounting Research. DOI: 10.31507/KJMAR.2023.

Jonghwan (Simon) Kim
 and KwangJoo Koo2023. The Dark Side of Tournaments: Evidence from Innovation. Research in International Business and Finance 66.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ribaf.2023.102003

Heung-Jae Jeon and Jonghwan (Simon) Kim. 2023. The Effect of CEO Conscientiousness on Financial Statement Comparability. Journal of Business Research (published by KAIBA). http://doi.org/10.22903/jbr.2023.38.2.89

Chae Won Lee and Jonghwan (Simon) Kim. 2023. Firms’ Strategic Dissemination of Tweets around Earnings Announcement Dates. Yonsei Business Review. https://doi.org/10.55125/YBR.2023.

Jonghwan (Simon) Kim 
and Kyeongheum Ra. 2022. Employee Satisfaction and Asymmetric Cost Behavior: Evidence from Glassdoor. Economics Letters. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.econlet.2022.110829

Jonghwan (Simon) Kim, 
Heung-Jae Jeon, and Grace Goun Kim. 2022. Overconfidence or competence? Your employees know. Economics Lettershttps://doi.org/10.1016/j.econlet.2022.110580

Jonghwan Kim
. 2020. Do Previous Promotion Awards Affect Current Decisions? Investigation of Intertemporal Correlations of Personnel Decisions. Asia-Pacific Journal of Business 11(4): 1-19. 

Jonghwan (Simon) Kim.
 2020. When Organizational Performance Matters for Personnel Decisions: Executives’ Career Patterns in a Conglomerate. Management Accounting Research 49. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mar.2020.100695

KwangJoo Koo and Jonghwan (Simon) Kim. 2019. CEO Power and Firm Opacity. Applied Economics Letters 26 (10): 791-794. https://doi.org/10.1080/13504851.2018.1497841.

Jonghwan (Simon) Kim
 and KwangJoo Koo. 2018. Are Founder CEOs Effective Innovators? Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 47(3): 426-448. https://doi.org/10.1111/ajfs.12217.

Eunok Im, So Hee Jeon, and Jonghwan (Simon) Kim. 2017. Which Local Self-Governments Seek More Collaboration? Evidence from Interlocal Collaboration for Economic Development in South Korea. Lex localis-Journal of Local Self-Government 15(2): 175–197. https://doi.org/10.4335/15.2.175-197(2017)


External Research Grants: 
2021~2024: Young Researcher Program (appx. $60K) by Korea National Research Fund


  • ΒΓΣ Recognition of Scholastic Achievement, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, 2013
  • Best Paper Award, Performance Management Association Conference 2012, Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, 2012

Working Papers:

  • “Peer Effect of Financial Reporting: Evidence from Innovation Performance” (with Jae B. Kim and KwangJoo Koo) – Under Review (3rd) at Journal of Accounting and Public Policy.
  • “Peer Comparison and Management Forecast Behavior” (with KwangJoo Koo) – Under Review (R&R for 4th) at Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting.
  • “The Spillover Effects of Peers’ Textual Disclosures on Investment Efficiency” (with Ho-Young Lee and Chaewon Lee). Under Revision
  • “The Effect of Politician Stock Ownership on Corporate Tax Strategy” (with KwangJoo Koo, Michael T. Paz, and Michelle Harding) – Under Revision for Strategic Management Journal.
  • “Politicians’ Equity Holdings and Corporate Social Responsibility” (with KwangJoo Koo and Michael T. Paz) – Under Revision for The Accounting Review.
  • “Multi-Period Target Setting of Summary Financial vs. Strategic Performance Measures” (with Kenneth A. Merchant and Byunghyun Choi) – Under Revision for Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • “The role of peers’ financial reporting quality in debiasing investment decisions of overconfident CEOs” (with Heung-Jae Jeon). February 2023.
  • “Corporate Reputation and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Decisions: Evidence from Twitter” (with Kyeonghuem Ra). February 2023.
  • “Firms’ Strategic Dissemination of Tweets of Different Features around Earnings Announcement Date” (with Chaewon Lee). November 2021.
  • “The Design and Effects of a Long-Term Performance Plan” (with Byunghyun Choi, Kyungtae Lee, and Kenneth A. Merchant). July 2012. Winner of Best Paper Award, Performance Management Association Conference 2012.


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